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Phone Service

We are excited to offer our new VoIP phone service to both current LCDC members/internet subscribers as well as non LCDC internet subscribers. A Lawrencetown Community Development Cooperative membership is required prior to VoIP phone service installation.

Our initial offering is a wired Fanvil desk phone which requires a Cat5/6 cable between each phone and the internet router. We will need to evaluate each installation location in order to provide an accurate material cost prior to installation.

VoIP phone service requires broadband internet and can be adversely affected by the quality of the internet service it is connected to. LCDC technicians are able to troubleshoot phone related issues and LCDC broadband services but are unable to provide the resources to troubleshoot 3rd party internet issues or hardware.

Check our VoIP FAQs for more information.

Please contact us for more information regarding our VoIP phone service or Co-op membership.